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BelCanto's President

(October 24, 2014)

On Friday, 24 October 2014, BelCanto performed its annual concert at St. Swithun's Church, Belper, during which it was pleased to confer the office of President upon Mr. John Cresswell.  Musical Director, Andrew White, in presenting him with a framed Certificate said this:
"Ladies and Gentlemen of St. Swithun's, I would like you to join us in an intimate BelCanto moment.  Tonight is a very special occasion and it is fitting that we are in St. Swithun's being blessed with music as BelCanto has been blessed by a chorister who is foremost in our special occasion.  John was a founding member of BelCanto when we burst into life as 7 singers, which quickly grew to 11 and now we are double that number and going well.  John's advice, support, invention, inspiration and vocal drive has been formidable in the development of BelCanto.
To the Chorus, John is the 'doyen' of our performance, letting us know what is good, bad or how music should be.  Phrases like "you should try this perhaps" converts in my mind as "You should try this - so obey".  Joking aside, John has always been at the forefront of our music making with uplifting support, and quite right too.  John's vocal dexterity is a classic feature of his character.  Known as a tenor singer he has moved around to baritone, bass, 2nd tenor, all in the good cause of encouraging fellow singers. However, having mastered the music, terror breaks out either side of him, when his brothers-in-voice falter they know they will be promptly corrected. It's true, I have seen the nervously shaking legs.
Personally, John is a good mate, a person I respect very much.  He is at my shoulder in times of strength, lower times and at times when I probably didn't deserve his friendship.  Lesley and I have enjoyed his home, his table, conversation and warmth and I thank John and Mavis for that.
Speaking for BelCanto - Thank you, John for your dedication, musicianship, character and candour.  May this continue.  We would also like to thank Mavis for allowing him out on Tuesday evenings, he now does the ironing on Wednesdays.
John - BelCanto would like you to accept the invitation of BelCanto Male Chorus to become its President.  It gives me great pleasure to present you with this Certificate of our appreciation". 



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