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Fabulous Evening at Belper Festival with Margaret Keys

(May 05, 2018)

BelCanto enjoyed a truly memorable evening of music at St. Peter's Church, Belper on Saturday, 5 May 2018 in the company of the superb Margaret Keys (Soprano) from Derry, Northern Ireland.  The audience was undoubtedly well entertained in an outstanding concert, which also included the Fishpond Choir from Matlock Bath.  BelCanto performed four numbers when the chorus gave of their very best.  Our sincere thanks go to Margaret for agreeing a photoshoot at the end of the evening and entering into the spirit of fun.  One result of which is shown below:

margaret keys

Our President summed the event up perfectly when he said, "A splendid evening for the choir, the feedback has been terrific.  Many thanks to Andrew for his continual striving for perfection.  These events are few and far between, but when they happen, I'm sure that we all gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction".

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