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 Rehearsal - 25 April 2017 - wearing new waistcoats

belper 04-02-17

Mayor of Belper's Charity Concert at St. Peter's Church, Belper
on Saturday, 4 February 2017


St. Peter's Church, Belper - 14 January 2017
Concert for Refurbishment of Belper Tea Rooms

Newton OAP

BelCanto entertain Newton Old People's Club - 14 September 2015


BelCanto with its newly installed President - John Cresswell - 24 October 2014

Andrew MD14

Andrew White - Musical Director - 2014

BelCanto 2011

BelCanto - October 2011
Photograph courtesy of John Cresswell

Front Row (l to r) Craig Griffiths; Edwin Bennett; Gordon Blount; Andrew White (MD); Sian Mosley (Accomp); Ron Allinson; Neil Hartshorn; Frank Smith
Back Row (l to r) Sid Harbey; Geoff Buckley; John Crockford; Jeffrey Worrall; David Kenning; John Cresswell; John Harrop-Griffiths; Dominic Wilson; Patrick O'Keefe



BelCanto Slideshow 

With grateful thanks to our photographer, Julia Fry

 N.B. Following our first concert on 15 July 2010, Julia produced a DVD of the evening and the proceeds from sales of this to our members went towards fundraising to support Julia's daughter Katie on a World Challenge trip to Africa.

Katie later sent the following letter:-